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Kubernetes Deployment

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Kubernetes Deployment

A Helm chartopen in new window provided for kubernetes deployment. The chart bootstraps a Gorse deployment on a Kubernetesopen in new window cluster using the Helmopen in new window package manager.

It also packages the Bitnami MongoDB chartopen in new window which is required for bootstrapping a MongoDB deployment for the database requirements of the Gorse application.


The Helm chart is under development, Parameters and default values might be changed in later versions. Pull requests are welcomed: in new window


  • Kubernetes 1.19+
  • Helm 3.2.0+
  • PV provisioner support in the underlying infrastructure

Installing the Chart

To install the chart with the release name gorse:

helm repo add bitnami
helm repo add gorse-io
helm install gorse gorse-io/gorse

The command deploys Gorse on the Kubernetes cluster in the default configuration. The Parameters section lists the parameters that can be configured during installation.


List all releases using helm list

Uninstalling the Chart

To uninstall/delete the gorse deployment:

helm unistall gorse

The command removes all the Kubernetes components associated with the chart and deletes the release.


Parameters have been listed in the README.mdopen in new window file of Gorse Helm chart.

helm install gorse \
  --set gorse.dashboard.username=admin \
  --set gorse.dashboard.password=password \
  --set gorse.api.key=api_key \

The above command sets the Gorse administrator account username and password to admin and password respectively. Additionally, it sets the RESTful API key to api_key.


Once this chart is deployed, it is not possible to change the application's access credentials, such as usernames or passwords, using Helm. To change these application credentials after deployment, delete any persistent volumes (PVs) used by the chart and re-deploy it, or use the application's built-in administrative tools if available.

Alternatively, a YAML file that specifies the values for the above parameters can be provided while installing the chart. For example,

helm install gorse -f values.yaml gorse-io/gorse


You can use the default values.yaml