Gorse is an open source recommendation system written in Go.

Gorse is an open source recommendation system written in Go. Gorse aims to be an universal open source recommender system that can be easily introduced into a wide variety of online services. By importing items, users and interaction data into Gorse, the system will automatically train models to generate recommendations for each user. Project features are as follows.

  • AutoML: Choose the best recommendation model and stargety automatically by model searching in the background.
  • Distributed Recommendation: Single node training, distributed prediction, and ability to achieve horizontal scaling in the recommendation stage.
  • RESTful API: Provide RESTful APIs for data CRUD and recommendation requests.
  • Dashboard: Provide dashboard for data import and export, monitoring, and cluster status checking.



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These products use Gorse as their recommender service (add yours).

A little secret - Anonymous confession chat dating software
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BoxDelivery - Verrassende deals in voordeelverpakking Box Voordeel
BoxDelivery - Surprising deals in discount packaging Box Advantage
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